Omron Factory, Shanghai, China

People and cobots work together to meet challenges in manufacturing

Omron's factory in Shanghai is creating an environment where people and robots work together, to meet challenges in manufacturing today, such as shortage in manpower and overall equipment effectiveness.

Want to see the solution in action? Watch our quick video of this project?

In this video, you can see how Omron TM collaborative robots work safely side-by-side with people.

“I believe in the factory of the future, we will be able to realize the collaboration between people and robots at a higher level. We will adapt our manufacturing processes flexibly and intelligently in order to meet changing market demands.
In the factory of the future, we will not only be able to meet changing customer’s needs and solve various social challenges, but also relieve our workers for repetitive and dull tasks. They can focus on tasks that add more value. People will be happier at work by doing desirable and creative jobs."
Shenbang Gu
Production Technology Headquarter Manager, Omron Corporation

Customer Need

In Shanghai, labor costs are increasing by 7% each year. With growing shortages in manpower, it is becoming more and more difficult to hire factory operators.

Unique Omron Solution

Adopting Omron’s industrial robots in the factory has greatly improved productivity in the past few years. However, human tasks are absolutely necessary in the production of our products. And that’s why we introduced collaborative robots.

Results and Benefits

After implementing Omron TM collaborative robots we not only improved production efficiency, but our ROI is as short as 12-14 months. Moreover we can easily and gradually increase the number of cobot units as our production expands.