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Machine Tending

Machine tending is one of the top applications for cobots. Our cobots can be set up to operate multiple machines within a few hours.

Applications include:

  • Metal machine tool and CNC machines
  • Plastic injection molding machine
  • Stamping and punch presses
  • Grinding and cutting machines
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Cobots can streamline end-of-line packaging and palletizing operation to be more efficient with a compact footprint.

Packaging applications can include:

  • Box, case, and carton packing
  • Palletizing and de-palletizing
  • Sorting and order picking
  • Box construction
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Our cobots can handle screwdriving applications as part of complex assembly. With the right gripper from our Plug&Play devices, the cobot can work on screwdriving small electronic parts with speed and precision.

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Our cobots will be able to handle palletizing, allowing customers to automate packaging for shipments in addition automating packaging of goods.
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Our cobots can handle repetitive or complex assembly with improved productivity and accuracy. 

Assembly applications can include:

  • Part assemblies
  • Part insertion
  • Screwdriving
  • Dispensing



Food & Commodities

Digital and Semiconductor