Mobile manipulator

The OMRON Mobile Manipulator Solution is a robotics solution that automates not only transportation of goods but also complicated picking operations. 

By mounting an OMRON TM collaborative robotic arm onto an OMRON LD series autonomous mobile robot, the robotic arm is capable of picking up a product and placing it on the payload, as the mobile robot autonomously travels to various locations.

The solution is Ideal for:

  • Pick and place applications such as wafer or FOUP transportation
  • Machine tending and random inspection
  • Material transportation
  • Picking boxes of assembled parts to the inspection station 
  • Automobile inspections (e.g., cracks or paint on moving products)

Flexible Feeding

OMRON’s Flexible Feeding solution provides a compact and cost-effective vision-based parts feeding and pick and place system for automated assembly. Solution includes cobot, smart camera, and AnyFeeder.

The solution Is Ideal for flexible feeding applications requiring vision systems to identify the location, orientation, and shape of different parts, where occasional human interaction might be needed.

Key Benefits:

  • Adapts and extends to other cobot models
  • Safe collaboration with humans during feeding and assembly processes
  • Simplifies consolidation of compact feeding systems by incorporating integrated vision devices